Ana Teresa Ascensão (1981) is a graphic designer who lives and works in Lisbon. Her work ranges from communication design for cultural institutions to interaction design for digital environments, and includes collaborations with community projects in cities of the global periphery, such as Kinshasa, Rio de Janeiro and Bethlehem. She teaches Communication Design at University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts (FBAUL, 2022-present), at the Technical School of Communication (ETIC; 2020-present), also in Lisbon, and at Leiria Polytechnic’s School of Art and Design (ESAD, Caldas da Rainha; 2013-present). Her work can be seen in the digital platform ATA Design ( In 2017 she founded, with Lana Almeida, the publishing house LATA Edições.

Ana Teresa graduated in Communication Design from FBAUL (2004) and holds an MA in Communication Sciences and Arts from NOVA/FCSH (2013), with a thesis on hypertextuality and the intellectual legacy of Aby Warburg. She is a PhD candidate, researching design by women in Portugal (1990s-2020). Her work for cultural institutions includes ALKANTARA FESTIVAL (2014-2018), FESTIVAL MATERIAIS DIVERSOS (2015 and 2020) and recurrent collaborations with the film production company TERRATREME. Work in Interaction Design for Digital Environments includes the projects LISBON BY SOUND, by Tim Etchels (Artist in the City 2014) and 1SPACE.WORLD (European Network for Artistic and Multidisciplinary Creation in the Middle East-Africa). Collaborations with community projects include the Young Heart Project (AGA KHAN Lisbon Foundation) and Photography courses for children in Favela da Maré, Rio de Janeiro. Exhibition Design includes the recent design of the exhibition ‘INTERFERENCES: Emerging Urban Cultures’ at MAAT-Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (2022).

She co-edited and designed the books A CASA E O MUNDO (the translation of Homi Bhabha’s The House and the World, funded by DGartes, 2018) and “Arroios, Diário de um Diário” by José Maria Vieira Mendes (2015). She is the designer and graphic editor of the books THE POWER OF EXPERIMENT (ARTÉRIA/TRIENAL DE ARQUITECTURA, 2016); ESTAÇÃO VERNADSKY (funded by DGartes, 2017); PAISAGENS IMPREVISTAS (Materiais Diversos, 2020); JOSÉ AURÉLIO, OITAVAS DA OFICINA (MUDE, 2021); PRIMEIRO RASCUNHO (Teatro do Bairro Alto, 2022) and INTERFERENCES (MAAT/UNDERDOGS, 2022), among others.


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